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Resumes should generate job interviews!

The main goal of your resume should be to obtain job interviews.  Once you have the opportunity to meet with a prospective employer, all the information that may or may not be included on your resume can be provided. However, you never have that opportunity unless you write your resume in such a fashion that attracts the interest of the prospective employer, and follows up with you for an interview.

Professional resume writers can assist in how to write a resume.  Using professional resume writers is the first step in developing a quality resume product.  The same is true with professional resume services.  These two services go hand-in-hand towards obtaining a professional resume.

These same resume services can also help you with resume posting on job boards, and online job sites, as well as resume distribution to thousands of employers.  Human Resource functions are so oriented to the web, that online resume posting and distribution must be included in your job search plan.

There are many products also available that can help you as you pull your educational and employment history in resume preparation.  Resume software and books on resumes are a logical step in educating yourself on this process. 

You will never know if the hiring manager has time to review your resume to make a decision on meeting you, so include a cover page with your resume.  Your resume cover page should provide a brief overview of your resume, always written with the potential job in mind.  Make sure contact information is included on your resume cover letter, in case it ever becomes separated from your resume.

I have spent my career in Executive Management and Human Resources with a professional contract staffing company.  Everyday I could have spent hours reviewing resumes received in the mail or online.  But my time was limited, so I developed a process that allowed me to quickly move through the paperwork, to select those applicants that our company would interview.  Your resume needs to be written with a streamlined process in mind.

Remember, your number one goal is to obtain an interview with the prospective employer.  Once you have achieved that objective, the statistics of obtaining a job have increased in your favor!


Obtain a free resume critique.  See sample resumes and resume templates.

Certified Professional Resume Writers edit and write your resumes and cover letters.   Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Resume strategies that have proven to be successful in obtaining job interviews.

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