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A Review of the Professional Resume Format

When trying to find a new job in your field, when starting a career in a particular niche, or even when you aim to obtain certain kinds of grants, you’ll want to know how to write a good resume. This frequently means understanding the professional resume format.

The format of a professional resume is comparable to a combination between a targeted resume and a chronological resume. This format helps you to gear your focus toward a specific career objective, within a particular industry, possibly with a certain company in mind. The content of this style of resume should be written in order to highlight your skills, your qualifications, and your experience, as they match the job to which you are applying.

This style of resume is also useful in situations when:

You’re interested in a position for which you know the title, and are pretty certain that you know the qualifications required in order to enter into this position;
You are sending your resume as a direct response to a job listing;
You are writing, or modifying your resume in order to apply to a specific company;
You have a number of separate career objectives and you wish to create a unique resume for each one.

How does the Professional Resume Format Makes a Difference?

One of the wonders of understanding the professional resume format is that it provides you with the ability to create a resume that is skill-based and functional, so that any gaps in your experience can be played down, as the emphasis is placed on your abilities and your accomplishments. This is done without having to provide a detailed background on when and where these skills were acquired.

It is an especially suitable writing format, among other situations, for people who are first entering into the job market, recent graduates who have many skills and qualifications, but little work experience, people who are going back to the job market after an extended absence, as well as people who are seeking jobs as they change careers, and who want to place emphasis on their transferable skills.

This way, the skills that you have attained by way of paid employment, as well as volunteer work, hobbies, co-ops, and other forms of experience can be highlighted.

What Should Your Professional Resume Format Achieve?

Before you understand what a really great professional resume format will achieve, you have to understand that it is not what will get you the job. It will, however, be a good compliment to your efforts, and can also be a preventing force against your landing a job if it is poorly done.

That being said, your well-written, well thought-out resume should be considered as a personal marketing tool, whose goal it is to attract employers into giving you an interview. It is at this point that you will be able to work to be awarded the position.

Your resume will be the first impression that prospective employers will receive from you; this is why it is so important that you know how to write resumes that will impress at first glance. While you decide how to type your resume, consider what message you want to send to the company. Remember that it should:

Show your achievements;
Demonstrate your value as an employee;
Be assertive;
Be sharp;
Be proactive.

But that’s only the start. Making a great impression isn’t all that your professional resume format must accomplish. Due to the enormous number of resumes received by hiring managers, they usually have only a very few moments to glance at each resume; discarding the candidates who have resume layouts that are difficult to read, or whose key information is buried under heaps of unimportant text.

The lesson: when you know how to write a good resume, you are able to convey the right message, and quickly!

This leads to the next most important part of a quality professional resume template: the right keywords.

Bringing Your Resume Into the 21st Century

Today, most companies scan paper resumes into a database full of electronic resumes. This makes the lives of hiring managers much easier, because when a position needs to be filled, they can search for the keywords that describe the qualifications they desire in a candidate. It’s just like using a search engine for finding a potential employee.

This means that as you create your resume, you need to incorporate the keywords you believe an employer would use when looking for a candidate for a job that you desire. This should be considered absolutely vital, so that your qualifications can be retrieved, and your resume will not end up being neglected or lost in a search.

To write a resume that includes the right keywords, you can focus on the terminology of your:

Industry certifications
Anything else that will likely be desired by a prospective employer

These keywords will also help you out while the hiring manager scans your resume, as all of the important terms – those that he or she is specifically speaking – will be present. This increases your chances of being noticed, which is, as you remember from the beginning of this article, among the most important functions of your well-written resume!

By following all of these great tips, and incorporating them into your professional resume format, you’ll be more likely to make the kind of positive first impression that you’ve been looking to make with the hiring manager, within only a few critical seconds. Writing your resume should be a very focused, conscious thing, and all of these elements must be kept in mind when you write your own resume.

The bottom line? Don’t waste valuable resume space with vague and useless statements. The hiring manager won’t be impressed. Make sure that every word and every statement within your resume has a function, and question anything that doesn’t help you make a good first impression, or let you be “found” in a keyword search.

About the Author:
Julie Campbell, owner of JBC Online E-Publishing writing services (www.jbconlineepublishing.com) is an experienced, professional writer, editor, and translator (English/French) who provides fast, quality information about different resume writing formats, as well as resume cover letters, and resumes services to assist in editing those already written for polish and flair.

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