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Are Resume Objectives Needed: Can They Help My Resume?

One of the most common questions that many people have when they go to create their resume is “Do I need to include an objective?” There is no simple yes or no answer to this question. That is because there are many factors to be considered when an objective is to be used in a resume. The reason for this is due to the fact that there is a proper method used when writing an objective for a resume; and whether or not you will use this method, all depends on the type of job you are applying for.

What is the purpose of a resume objective? An objective is a short statement that clarifies to the employer the position you are applying for, or the expertise you can bring to the job. The resume objective is the first caption the employer will read, as it is located directly after your Contact Information; therefore, it is important that the objective be concise, direct and strong. The standard resume objective is no more than one or two sentences in length, and could be one of the underlining factors that either makes or breaks your resume.

Can an objective help your resume? Certainly – If written properly, an objective will make the employer interested in reading or hearing what else you have to bring to the job you are applying for. On the other hand, a resume objective that is poorly written and long-winded will come across vague, and could lose the employers interest after the first read. Since you won’t want the latter outcome to happen to your resume, it is a good idea to keep in mind whether or not you wish to include an objective or not.

When or When Not to Use a Resume Objective

Many people don’t know when it is best to use an objective, or when it should simply be omitted from the resume altogether. If you are unsure which path you should take, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind that should help you decide which road to take.

Use a resume objective when:

You are applying for a specific job position
You know the skills you want to bring to the job position
You have a particular job in mind

Do not use a resume objective when:

You have no specific job target in mind
You are qualified for a variety of potential positions in the organization you are applying for
You are using your resume at a job fair

Remember, an objective should be clear and concise; if you cannot be specific about the job you are applying for, and you have no strong experience skills for the position, writing an objective could only hinder your success at landing that first job interview.

However, if you find that you cannot express a competent objective, this does not mean you should rule out the idea of including one in your resume. Seek the help you need by locating free sample resume objectives, which can be found by looking up resume writing tips online, asking the advice of professional resume writers, or by purchasing a resume program. Any one of these methods can help give you the tools you need, in order to make your own resume objective effective and professional.

This is important because the vast majority of resumes handed in today contain an objective, and statistically speaking, most employers prefer to see a well-defined objective, because it not only gives them their first impression of your resume, but of you as well. In all honesty, it is highly recommended that you include an objective, regardless if you are writing a chronological or skill-based style resume. The reason is not only because a well-defined resume objective will catch the employer’s eye, but it will also serve as a guide that will help you to focus your writing when adding details to the rest of your resume.

How to Write a Good Resume Objective

When you attempt to write your resume objective you will want to begin by putting your job goals in perspective. You can do this by asking yourself a few important questions about a position you want to apply for, and the career you wish to pursue. These questions include:

What do I want to do?
Who do I want to do it for / with?
Where do I want to do it?
What is the level of responsibility I am seeking?

To gain a better understanding of how you can go about answering these questions, the following includes the provided answers of an individual seeking a specific position:

What do I want to do? – Counsel
Who do I want to do it for? – Adolescent Children
Where do I want to do it? – in a public high school
What is the level of responsibility I am seeking? – School Social Worker

Therefore this individual’s sample resume objective is: “A school social worker position to counsel adolescent children in a public high school.”

Notice that in this resume objective there is no use of the words “me” or “I”. This is no coincidence. A resume objective is considered unprofessional and weak if it contains these words. Your objective should not sound like a personal statement, and requires the use of resume actions words or power verbs to make it sound effective, clear and direct.

Always remember that a good resume objective is one that:

Never uses the words “me” or “I”
Has a direct connection to the employers requirements
Communicates your immediate career skills or goals that are in relation to the job being applied for
Is concise and clear

Once you have discovered what your goal is, you can then begin writing and reworking your objective to make it sound concise and assertive. Have someone read over your objective to make sure that it sounds clear before you send in your resume. Once everything is good to go, there is nothing left to do, except submit your resume and hope for the best.

About the Author:
Julie Campbell, owner of JBC Online E-Publishing writing services (www.jbconlineepublishing.com) is an experienced, professional writer, editor, and translator (English/French) who provides fast, quality information about different resume writing styles, as well as resume cover letters, and resumes services to assist in editing those already written for polish and flair.

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