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Resume Cover Letters

Your resume cover letter has several functions. The first is to introduce you the prospective employer. The second thing you want to achieve through your cover page is to provide a quick glimpse of your related experience. The third is to convey how you can bring value to this employer. And the last function of your resume cover letter is to request an interview.  There are resume cover letter examples available online to guide you. 

Your resume cover letter must be concise and clear; state what is the benefit of reviewing your resume. Your resume cover page should capture the reader’s attention to ensure that they will read your letter and your resume. Do not use long sentences or paragraphs that may be distracting. Be sure that there are no misspelled words or errors in grammar.  Free cover letter samples can give you ideas on what is best to include in a quality resume cover page.

The resume cover page should not be any longer than one (1) page. Quickly tell the reader why you are writing them and what action you would like them to take. End the cover page on a positive note, requesting to arrange an interview. Make sure that your contact information (phone numbers and email) are on the cover page also, in case your cover letter is ever separated from your resume.

For more than 20 years, I reviewed resumes on a daily basis, working with a professional contract staffing company.  Everyday I could have spent hours reviewing resumes received in the mail or online.  But my time was limited, so I developed a process that allowed me to quickly move through the paperwork, to select those applicants that our company would interview.  When a cover letter was attached, I could quickly determine whether the applicant's qualifications were applicable to our corporate needs.  Your resume cover letter needs to be written to accommodate a streamlined process.

Resume Cover Letter Resources

Certified Professional Resume Writers write and/or edit your resumes and cover letters.

Certified Professional Resume Writers write and/or edit your resumes and cover letters.


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