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Resume Posting and Submittals

In addition to responding directly to job advertisements, there are resume services that post your resume.  These services can help prepare online resumes, and direct you to free resume posting sites in addition to top job sites.  Resume posting is an important aspect to job searches; many employers request that you email resumes and cover letters.

Submitting resumes is a numbers game. Think of it as sales: you are selling yourself (the product), to a prospective employer (the customer). You must submit your online resume to every employer that can benefit from your work experience, even if there is not a current opening. The odds of playing (getting an interview) increase your chances of winning (being hired) increase with resume submittals.  This process need not be expensive; there are many resume services that will post your resume online, give you electronic resume examples, and even provide web resumes.

To increase your chances, you should submit your resume for jobs that may not be at your current level, both above and below current experience. Statistics show that it is easier to find a job when you have one, than when you are unemployed. Other opportunities may appear within the workplace.

The main goal is to obtain interviews that allow you to demonstrate your capacity to do the job!  Online resume services with professional resume writers can assist in this process.

Resume Posting and Distribution Providers

Email Your Resume and Cover Letter to Thousands of Recruiters!  The fastest way to a better job!

Email Your Resume to more than 75 career sites instantly!

One Resume.  One job.  Thousands of Possibilities!

Post your resume to thousands of employers.  Free  resume online and free job searches!

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