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A Review of the Teaching/Teachers Resume Format

As a teacher, just as in any other profession, your resume should be considered your calling card. A teacher’s resume format consists of a one or two-page document, which markets your skills in a crisp and clean way, to the school’s hiring authority. The goal for this “calling card” is primarily to convince the reader to give you an interview.

Writing a winning resume can be quite hard work, however, it should be considered to be quite worth the effort. Begin by gathering and organizing all of the information that you will be including within your resume. Critically examine your skills, experiences, and accomplishments so that they may be related to your prospective job in education. Not only does this make for a good resume, but it also prepares you for the interview while you’re at it.

There is no singularly correct way in which to write a resume, however there are certain criteria that should be included within the finished product. Since the reader will likely spend only 20 to 30 seconds scanning over your resume, you need to make certain that all of the most relevant information will stand out, supporting your competency as an outstanding teacher.

The guidelines to which the most effective teaching resume format include:

Beginning with the most important information;
Starting with phrases that include expressive verbs illustrating your skills;
Remaining consistent with your descriptions;
Providing precise information in order to describe your responsibilities and your accomplishments;
Removing all traces of spelling and grammatical error.

Things to Reflect Upon While Writing Your Teacher’s Resume Format

Consider the skills that are used by educators, and make certain that those distinct keywords are utilized within your teacher’s resume format. These may include, but are not limited to:


The Categories of a Great Teacher’s Resume Format

Naturally, not every good resume is identical, however, there are certain basic categories that are expected within a strong, professional teaching resume format. These categories are:

The Heading
Your Objective
Your Education
Your Professional Preparation
Your Experience
As well as additional, optional categories.

When you create your resume, your heading should include your name, address, telephone number, and your e-mail address. It should be located at the very top of the resume.

The objective of your teacher’s resume format should be kept clear and concise. It should include the grades you are willing to teach, as well as your certification. As you write the objective of your resume, you may also wish to include any interests you have for supervising extracurricular activities, or the desire that you have for a career in education. It isn’t necessary to expand your objective by stating that you are looking for a “challenging” teaching position – as any experienced educator knows, all teaching positions are challenging – or that you are seeking to work in a school that “cares about its students” – as all schools make it their missions to care for their students. Any statements regarding your motivations for becoming a teacher, what you wish to accomplish as a teacher should be saved for your cover letter and/or your application form.

The education category of your teaching resume may be placed after the objective, or later on in the resume, depending on where you are within your teaching career. Most first-year teaching candidates place this section directly after the objective since your degree is the basic qualification for teaching. If you have any teaching experience that is relevant to the position, it should come before the education section. All of your college experiences should be included within this section, with the most advanced degree in the first position. Included should be your degree, the name of the institution, as well as its location, and your graduation date. If your GPA is 3.0 or above, you may consider listing it. If you participated in any special or unique educational experiences, this information should also be included.

Professional preparation is the area in which you may include all of the experience you have – other than work experience – that has prepared you for the position. This includes:

Student teaching
Field experience

For each of these elements, you should include all of the important facts, such as:

The schools (as well as their locations and the dates that you were there)
Your teaching assignments
The number of students and/or classes
The grade levels
The subjects
Lesson plans you built
Unit plans you designed
Extra assignments
And any other relevant details

Try to use specific, accurate terms to describe each of your experiences.

The experience section should include your actual teaching positions. They needn’t be paid to be included in this section. Emphasize those that are most related to teaching first. You may consider dividing the section in two, calling the first “related experience” and the second “additional experience.” Describe each of your experiences in a way that is consistent with the descriptions you used in the professional preparation section. Begin each experience with the job title, followed by the employer, location, and applicable dates. Then include any relevant facts, gearing the description so that it will describe your skills and accomplishments in a way that demonstrates its relevancy to the teaching position for which you are applying. Give the most attention and descriptive effort to those experiences most related to teaching.

Optional categories that you may wish to include in your teacher’s resume format include:

College activities
Community activities
Professional organizations

By making the necessary effort to create a truly great teaching resume format, you will be able to demonstrate your qualifications in a marketable way, and show that both you and your experiences are unique.

About the Author:
Julie Campbell, owner of JBC Online E-Publishing writing services (www.jbconlineepublishing.com) is an experienced, professional writer, editor, and translator (English/French) who provides quality information about writing resumes, as well as resume thank you letters, and resume services to assist in editing those already written for polish and flair.

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