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Create your Own Webpage and Open Up the Door for New Job Opportunities through Web Resumes

Having a web resume is an opportunity you will not want to pass up. The reason is because with each coming year, more and more people are using the Internet to benefit their personal and professional needs. Finding a job can prove to be a very difficult task in this world, and that is why it is so important that you use every opportunity you can get when it comes to producing an excellent resume. Now not only can you rely on a paper resume to help you achieve the job interview you are after, but you can also create and use a web resume to boost your results during your online job searching.

What is a web resume? It is a resume that uses the similar characteristics of a standard paper resume, except that it is formatted to be displayed on your webpage. You don’t have a webpage? Well don’t you think it’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon and discovered how you can create your own? It is a good idea for you to become familiar with the art of designing web pages, as well as learning to use the Internet to your advantage when it comes to searching and applying for jobs. All of this is made easier once you have a web resume.

You will discover that creating a webpage is a fairly simple process, which you can do yourself with the help of online sources, or you can have someone else do the task for you. Regardless of how you get the job done, once your webpage is set up, you can then proceed to construct your web resume and post it on your website.

How to Make your Own Web Resumes

You can construct your own web resumes as long as you have an up-to-date word processor, such as the latest versions Microsoft Word. These word processors come equipped with the web-editing tools that you will need to create a resume for the web. Many people believe that you need to know every detail of how HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) works in order to format and post things on the web, but the truth of the matter is that for web resumes all you need is the WYSIWYG (“wiz-e-wig”) HTML editor programs that are featured in the latest word processing programs.

If you have already written a resume by using your word processor, you can use this same resume and turn it into a web resume by copying it and pasting it in the WYSINWYG editor. You might find that some of the fonts and text of the original resume lose their formatting during the transition, but it is easy to modify and make the correct changes to restore it to your liking. If you have problems with this HTML program, you can always find help at a variety of websites online.

If you like your original resume, but think that it needs some work or changes, and you are not sure what else you should add before you turn it into a web resume, you can seek the advice of a friend for resume ideas, or search for free resume writing tips. An example of the areas you may want to list on your web resume could include:

Caption – This should include your name (and you may also choose to list your address, or phone number, but usually an email address will suffice due to the fact that this is a web resume, and anyone can stumble across it)

Professional Profile – This section should include your current job title, as well as your professional experience (for example, state if you are computer literate, and list the programs that you are proficient in, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML formatting, etc.)

Work History – A list of your work history in reversed chronological order that includes dates, and a brief job description.

Education – Graduation degree(s) and the dates of achievements

Contact Information – Put your email address or addresses.

Just like a standard resume, remember that an employer usually takes no more than 30 seconds to scan over a resume; your web resume will be no different. That means you will want to make sure your first page is clear, concise and attention grabbing. Any extra information can be attached to the second page, or should have a link where you can access it.

In fact, many people who have web resumes often use them to serve as a type of portfolio, allowing you to include links in your resume that will show samples of your work. You can even include a link to a personal page that includes your photo and few brief details about what interests you. However you will want to keep this information general and brief. You don’t want to give your life story and divulge important personal information that is no one else’s business but yours.

The Bonuses of Having Web Resumes

When creating web resumes there are many bonuses. The reason is because you can break free from the confinements of a sheet of paper, and let your creativity flow. Unlike a paper resume that does not include using graphics, or photos, a web resume stretches these boundaries, and permits you to use these additions to your benefit.

However, as a word of caution, you won’t want to go overboard with too many graphics, and you will find that a single small photo of yourself will do. The reason you don’t want to add too many designs or photos when you create your web resumes is because:

You don’t want the resume to look junky by having too many colors, or moving or flashing icons. You want to catch a person’s eye, not give them a seizure.

If you have too many graphics or photos, chances are it will take longer for your webpage to download, and may cause the employer or recruiter who is downloading it to become bored or frustrated; therefore there is a high chance that your web resume will simply be bypassed because the individual does not want to waste their time downloading it.

Another great bonus of having web resumes is that you can make your resume available for search via the Web. You can achieve this by following the rules that apply to electronic or scannable resumes that use certain popular keywords to make them search engine friendly.

Ultimately it is your decision if you would like to create web resumes or not, but do you really want to pass up the chance of future job prospects? After all in today’s business world, it’s a common fact that when it comes to landing a job, you need all of the help you can get.

About the Author:
Julie Campbell, owner of JBC Online E-Publishing writing services (www.jbconlineepublishing.com) is an experienced, professional writer, editor, and translator (English/French) who provides quality information about web resumes, as well as resume shareware, and resumes services to assist in editing those already written for polish and flair.

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