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Free Resume Writing Tips
Your resume is an outline of your job experience, career, and job qualifications. Review these free tips for the preparation of your resume.

Online Resumes
Depending on your background, it may be helpful to have two versions of your resume. With the electronic age, companies are utilizing technology to support them in the search for job applicants. One version of your resume should be formatted in a way that is “technology friendly.”

Cover letters:  Your First Chance to Impress
Hiring managers routinely receive responses from hundreds, perhaps thousands, of applicants for any given job.  To avoid having your resume sink in this sea of paper, it’s imperative to write a cover letter that stands out from the crowd and makes a good first impression.

Resume Thank You Letters
In this tight job market, with countless candidates vying for the same position, to be called in for an interview is a success not many jobseekers experience.

Web Resumes
Having web resumes is an opportunity you will not want to pass up.

Review of Resume Software
There are a number of resume software programs available on the Internet, as well as in stores that sell computer software, and also resume shareware.

Resume Objectives
One of the most common questions that many people have when they go to create their resume is “Do I need to include an objective?”

Resume References
Resume references are important to have, regardless if they are used or not.

Chronological versus Skill-based Resumes
Two of the most popular resume layouts are a skill-based resume (also known as a functional resume), and a chronological resume.

Resumes for Nursing
Having a winning nursing resume is something that you can achieve if you know how to properly express your health care goals and experience in your resume.

Resumes for Professionals
When trying to find a new job in your field, when starting a career in a particular niche, or even when you aim to obtain certain kinds of grants, you’ll want to know how to write a good resume.

Resumes for Military Personnel
As an employee – or a former employee – of the military, you hold an impressive amount of experience and dedication to any prospective “civilian” employer.

Resumes for Sales Positions
As a sales person, or a person seeking a sales position, your resume should be considered to be a sort of sales presentation that can be delivered by fax, email, or regular mail.

Resume for Teaching Positions
As a teacher, just as in any other profession, your resume should be considered your calling card.







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