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Depending on your background, it may be helpful to have two versions of your resume. With the electronic age, companies are utilizing technology to support them in the search for job applicants. One version of your resume should be formatted in a way that is “technology friendly.” This is your online resume or electronic resume.

Companies usually deal with a large number of resumes for the open positions. Most deal with resume submittals in an automated, electronic fashion. This can include on-line or in-house resume databases that store and provide search functions for each document.  In order for your resume to be selected during search or query functions, it should be set up in the following manner:

When Faxing:
Fax on high resolution setting
Use white paper only – 8.5”x11”
Limit your transmittal to 3-4 pages:  fax transmittal page, 1 resume cover page, and no more than 2 pages for the body of your resume.

When E-Mailing:
Use a Word processor program, attached as a document
Use standard fonts, with 10 to 14 font size
Use the Normal style – avoid underline or italics
Do not use a column format
Left-justify all your text
Avoid tabs; use standard margins
Use industry words or jargon that would included in a search query; buzz words are important to include.

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