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Resume Mistakes

The purpose of your resume is to provide enough information to obtain an interview.  It's important to research resume preparation to get ideas on developing a professional resume.  Resume ideas and free resume tips provided by resume writing services help to eliminate common mistakes in this area. 

As you compile the resume objective, and your educational and employment experience, there are several things to avoid.

1. Your resume is a written document. Do not lie. It is better not to provide information than be less than truthful. You can always explain any issues during the interview. Be careful not to over-exaggerate. Resume templates are available online for assistance in preparation of your document.

2. Your resume should explain any gaps in employment. A one-line statement with dates can cover these gaps in work history. Keep it brief and very matter-of-fact (just as you should during the interview).

3. Spelling and grammar errors. With resume software available that can spell check and check grammar, there’s no excuse.

4. Your resume should stay focused on your education, employment history and job information. Do not give out personal information such as age, race, religion, marital status, and other personal items. It’s illegal to ask for that information also.

5. Be concise and articulate. Do not try to be funny or entertaining, unless the job calls for it!  You are going to write on no more than two (2) sheets of paper your career history. These basics will help you in the job of condensing your life into a defined format.  Resume samples can be found to help guide you with the resume format.

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