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Resume Tips

Your resume should reinforce your work experience and convince a potential employer that you are qualified. It should convince the employer that it is worth their time to interview you.   Take the opportunity to review sample resumes and objectives for ideas.   There are plenty of free resume tips and resources available to help you prepare a resume.

Allow your resume to market you in a positive manner. Don’t allow any items such as unrelated work experience or gaps in employment affect the way you feel about yourself and your work history. Statistics show that a person’s attitude is more important than qualifications. Your desire and motivation need to be reflected in your resume.

Keep your resume brief. Every word should be support your desired goal. Leave out any items that are unrelated or irrelevant.

Save your long and illustrious career for the interview. A resume should be brief – no more than two (2) pages. You can shorten the resume by providing work history over the last 5 to ten years, thus limiting the length of your resume. Keep details of your early career or unrelated experience to a minimum – provided only to provide continuity in career.

The resume should also be tailored towards the job that you are applying for.   Your career experience on your resume must relate to the job description. Your resume should highlight the skills for that employment opportunity. It is best to keep a resume brief and concise.

If there is a job in your past that you did not like, keep that information to a minimum. Otherwise you may be hired for that same position again!

A cover letter should also be included with your resume. The resume cover letter provides an introduction, and brief overview of your employment and career experience.

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